ENGL 366C Edition Suggestions


I have not ordered any books for this course. Shakespeare’s plays can be read in many excellent modern critical editions, packaged as single-play scholarly editions, published or republished online, and/or collected into scholarly anthologies. We will spend a little time looking at the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century printed books (in digital and print facsimiles), but you will want to do most of your reading via a modern critical edition.

Many of you will already have an anthology in your library. There are used copies of Shakespeare anthologies and single-play editions available in local bookstores, including the Campus Bookstore and the used bookstore in the SUB, and from your favourite online bookseller. Bring what you have or can afford to buy. If you are not able to afford a textbook for this course, I have various anthologies and single-play editions in my office that I am happy to lend out for the semester.

Single-play scholarly editions include (in order of accessibility):

Reliable open-access online editions include:

  • Folger Digital Texts: https://www.folgerdigitaltexts.org/. This site offers a digitized version of the print Folger Shakespeare Library series, edited by Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine. If you read online, you will not have the annotations, glosses, or critical introductions BUT the text will be the same as the print Folger edition.
  • Internet Shakespeare Editions: https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/. This site, created here at UVic, contains reliable modern critical editions of some plays, but no reliable modern editions of any of the plays we are reading this term (those editions being in progress). You will find facsimiles and other resources on the ISE site. (Note that the current ISE site is a 2019 “capture” of an old site that became technologically unviable. Some feature no longer work. We are migrating the editions to a new project called LEMDO.)

Digital Editions available through UVic Libraries:

Reliable print scholarly anthologies include: