Grants and Awards

Current Grant Funding

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (PI): “Linked Early Modern Drama Online”

SSHRC Connections Grant (Co-applicant): “Making LINCS: Connections, Culture, Context”

SSHRC Insight Grant (PI): “Walking Texts in Early Modern London”

SSHRC Connections Grant (Co-applicant): “Project Resiliency in the Digital Humanities”

SSHRC Insight Grant (Co-applicant): “The Endings Project: Building Sustainable Digital Humanities Projects”


2021. The CSDH/SCHN Outstanding Achievement Award for Computing in the Arts and Humanities, Canadian Society for Digital Humanities/Société canadienne des humanitiés numériques.

2021. Humanities Award for Research Excellence.

2022. University of Victoria REACH Award for Excellence in Knowledge Mobilization.

Resources for Writing Grant Applications

Plan Your Project: Outcomes, Objectives, and Deliverables