521 Class 2

Class 2

Your turn

Report on the “Finding Early Modern Plays” exercise. Share the following pieces of information, which we will collate on this page in class.

  • Title
  • Date of composition and/or performance
  • Author(s) (if known) or possible contenders for authorship
  • Performance venue and/or occasion (if the play was performed and if the venue and/or occasion are known). [We’ll add playing company and playhouse if you have this information at hand already.]

Lecture: Accessing digital and print surrogates.

The Great Cataloguing Projects (Early Modern Books)

Short Title Catalogue, 1475-1640 (Pollard and Redgrave).

Short Title Catalogue, 1641-1700 (Wing).

The Great Cataloguing Projects (Early Modern Plays and Playbooks)

Chamber, E.K. The Elizabethan Stage. 1923.

Greg, A Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to the Restoration. 1939.

Bentley, Jacobean and Caroline Stage. 1941.

Harbage, Annals of English Drama. 1942.

Wiggins, British Drama 1533-1642. Ongoing.

The Great Remediation Projects

Early English Books (microfilm). 1938-present.

Early English Books Online. 1998-present. See their About page.

EEBO-TCP. See their About page.

Remediating the Catalogues

DEEP: Database of Early English Playbooks. 2005-present. http://deep.sas.upenn.edu/

ESTC: English Short Title Cataloguehttp://estc.bl.uk. See “About the Project.”

Planning ahead

Brief remarks on the “Writing a ‘Plat’” exercise.

Brief remarks on the “Make Your Pitch” exercise.

Find your microfilm reel. Send information to Janelle by Monday, 11 pm.


EEB. Early English Books I and Early English Books II. PR1105 U5 (for books in the STC) and PR1105 U52 (for books in Wing). Although the Library catalogue says these microfilms are available in the Microform area, they have in fact been moved to storage. The process for retrieving them is still being worked out by the Library. In the meantime, our subject area Librarian, Tina Bebbington, will help us retrieve the reels that we need for our course.

EEBO. Early English Books Online. http://eebo.chadwyck.com/home. (Access via Library database search page.)

Further Reading

Gadd, Ian. “The Use and Misuse of Early English Books Online.” Literature Compass 6 (2009): 1-9. DOI: 10.1111/j.1741-4113.2009.00632.x.

Kichuk, Diane. “Metamorphosis: Remediation in Early English Books Online (EEBO).” Literary and Linguistic Computing 22.3 (2007): 291-303. https://doi.org/10.1093/llc/fqm018. “Remediation refers to the re-presentation of old media in new media.”

Witmore, Michael, and Jonathan Hope. “Books in Space: Adjacency, EEBO-TCP, and Early Modern Dramatists.” Early Modern Studies after the Digital Turn. Ed. Laura Estill, Diane K. Jakacki, and Michael Ullyot. Toronto: Iter Press; Tempe, AZ: ACRMS, 2016. 9-34.