Redundancy (RED)

To make your writing taut and lively, do not repeat points you have already made, give unnecessary synonyms, or invoke data/quotations more than once.

Sometimes, you may simply be using different words to repeat a point you have already made. Ask yourself if you need to make this statement for your point to be clear. While elaboration and qualification are often necessary, reiteration is rarely necessary.
You may have supplied an unnecessary synonym: “clearly and explicitly,” “the lesson or moral,” “a fable or parable.” Choose one of the two synonymous words.

Students often use the present perfect verb when the simple present will suffice. For example, there’s usually no need to say “is describing”; “describes” is active, precise, and concise.

“I feel” at the beginning of a sentence can almost always be deleted with no damage to the rest of the sentence.

See also: Repetition.