Sample Scene-by-Scene: Henry V

This scene-by-scene summary tries to find a single word or phrase to sum up the scene. For an even shorter scene-by-scene summary, click here.

English court

1.0       Chorus

1.1       Churchmen

1.2       Council


2.0       Chorus

2.1       Tavern (Pistol/Nym)

2.2       Southampton

2.3       Tavern – Farewell

French court

2.4       French Council; Exeter

English army at Harfleur

3.0       Chorus

3.1       “Once more”

3.2       “On, on, on”; 4 Captains

3.3       Harfleur surrenders

French court

3.4       French lesson

3.5       French Council—resolution

English army in France, marching to Calais

3.6       The Bridge; Bardolph

Near Agincourt; English camp and French camp

3.7       French Camp—horses

4.0       Chorus

4.1       King in disguise

4.2       French Camp—arming

4.3       Crispin’s Day

Battlefield; English army meets French army

4.4       Pistol and LeFer

4.5       French Camp—Shame, Disorder

4.6       Suffolk, York; Prisoners executed

4.7       Boys and luggage; victory; glove

4.8       Gloves; tally of the dead


5.0       Chorus

5.1       Leek-eating

5.2       Wooing

Epil.     Loss of France