Writer’s Report (WR)

Avoid talking about your writing in a self-conscious manner. Here are some examples of writers’s reports:

  • “This assignment will analyze Act One, Scene 2.”
  • “In the paragraphs below, this paper will show that . . .“
  • “As the paragraph above has shown, . . .”
  • “It is necessary to analyze . . .”
  • “I intend to argue that . . .”

In almost every case, it’s better to write a confident, first-person, present-tense statement (“Examining X, Y, and Z, I show …”) or to restate the point. Instead of saying “As the paragraph above has shown,” say again (in different words if possible) what the paragraph above has shown.

Don’t resort to a passive verb to disguise a WR: “This example is first seen . . . .”