English 500

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Course Overview

This course is designed to give a good understanding of textual studies and the capacity to deploy various methods of research. You will exit the course with the skills and knowledge to: (1) plan major research proposals and projects at the MA and early PhD level; (2) pose research questions in compelling ways; (3) use resources effectively to answer those questions; (4) critique research sources and tools (print and digital); and (5) understand the means by which texts have been transmitted and transmuted. These skills are valuable in any profession that requires critical research, writing, and communication skills.

Course Coverage

  1. methods of scholarly research and dissemination of research (also known as knowledge mobilization)
  2. enumerative (reference) bibliography and appropriate forms of citation and documentation
  3. analytical/descriptive/historical bibliography, textual criticism, and editorial practice
  4. disciplinary issues in English and aspects of professional life

Current Section

Fall 2021-Spring 2022: Mondays, 1-2:30, in the Special Collections classroom (Library A003).

Past Sections

Learning Outcomes

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